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Call for Interested Departments: Engaged Faculty Institute


UNI’s Office of Community Engagement is submitting a full proposal to The Roy J. Carver Charitable Trust in May for an Engaged Faculty Institute (EFI).  The proposal will identify 3-5 interested academic programs to participate in the EFI. The Engaged Faculty Institute will directly advance the University of Northern Iowa’s institutional priority of engaging students in high-quality and high-impact experiences, emphasizing excellence in UNI’s supporting goal of community engagement. The proposed EFI is designed from the success of UNI’s Service-Learning Institute. The EFI will expand service-learning and community engagement beyond a single faculty member to an entire academic program. The Institute will support the efforts of an academic program to plan, establish, implement, and evaluate strategic initiatives that advance the integration of public engagement into the departments’/programs’ research, teaching, and co-curricular activities. In the end students will be supported within a particular major in connecting their learning from class to class and experience a continuous path of engaged activities that enhances their learning for both career advancement and civic engagement.

Please complete the following process to be considered for inclusion in the proposal. 


Step I: Read the Concept Paper by clicking here to understand the EFI as proposed to date.

Step II: Complete an interest form by clicking here indicating your academic unit’s interest (Approx. 2 mins to complete-due March 19th). 

Step III: Complete a Program Snapshot through a Qualtrics Survey by clicking here: Interested academic programs/units will take a Snapshot of their community engagement efforts in their academic unit (Approx. 30 mins to complete, however, we recommend this be discussed at an academic program meeting- due April 9th).  The Snapshot consists of an assessment of four dimensions (a PDF of the assessment document can be found here for reference):

  • Dimension I: Community Participation and Partnerships
  • Dimension II: Philosophy and Mission of Community Engagement
  • Dimension III: Faculty Support for and Involvement in Community Engagement
  • Dimension IV: Student Support for and Involvement in Community Engagement

The term community engagement should be considered broadly to be inclusive of all community-engaged learning. This includes, but may not be limited to service-learning courses, practicums, internships, volunteering/service, community-based research, and activities in student organizations.

The Snapshot includes a brief explanation of each dimension describing the reasons for the answers/scores provided. In addition please answer these three questions:

  1. Why is your academic unit best positioned to participate in the EFI? Describe the benefits/outcomes you hope to gain.
  2. Please describe the biggest barriers/concerns to institutionalizing community engagement in your academic unit? 
  3. What else do you want to share that is important to know in considering your participation in the EFI?


Due Dates:

Interest  Form - Due March 19th

Program Snapshot - Due April 9th