Service-Learning Leaders

Celebrate UNI Service-Learning Leaders 

This page is dedicated to recognizing and honoring UNI’s Service-Learning Leaders! Thank you for your exceptional commitment to our students and the greater community. As of Spring 2023, 1,986 students enrolled in SL courses (since fall 2020). These courses enhance student learning and support retention. In addition, the community benefits from access to university resources, increased capacity for solutions to community needs, and opportunities to contribute to the educational process. This is made possible due to your efforts, dedication, and commitment to excellence in teaching. As an early adopter, we appreciate your timely and important leadership to make UNI a more engaged campus. 

Service-Learning Designated

Wilson College of Business 

  • Linda DeBarthe 
  • Cathalene Bowler
  • Alicia Rosburg*
  • Russell Guay
Marketing & Entrepreneurship
  • Lindi Roelofse*

College of Education

Curriculum & Instruction
  • Brandy Smith
  • Allison Barness*
Recreation Tourism, & Nonprofit Leadership
  • Julianne Gassman*
  • Kristina Kofoot*
  • Rodney Dieser*
  • Emily Hanson


College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Family, Aging & Counseling
  • Heather Kennedy
  • Jacquelyn Preston
  • Anne Plagge
  • Gary Gute
  • Tom Larsen*
  • Alex Oberle
  • Barbara Cutter
  • Emily Machen
  • Jennifer McNabb
  • Nathan Arndt
Nursing and Public Health
  • Disa Cornish*
  • Susan Roberts-Dobie*
Political Science
  • Jayme Renfro*
  • Justin Holmes
Social Work
  • Libby Fry*
Women's & Gender Studies
  • Danielle McGeough*

College of Humanities, Arts, and Sciences

Applied Engineering & Technical Management
  • Lisa Riedle*
  • Lee Geisinger*
  • Riva Nayaju*
  • Wendy Miller*
  • Elizabth Sutton*
Communication & Media
  • Bettina Fabos*
  • Philip Hopper*
  • Nichole Zumbach Harken*
  • Dana Potter 
  • Charles Rudick
  • Francesca Soans
Languages and Literature
  • Adrienne Lamberti*
  • Caroline Ledeboer*
  • David Grant*
  • Jennifer Cooley*
  • Deb Young*
  • Juan Castillo
  • Jim O'Loughlin*
  • Hilal Ergul
  • Kendra Kahl
Philosophy & World Religions
  • Cara Burnidge*

Rod Library 

  • Anne Marie Gruber* (Library Liaison for Community Engagement)





* Indicates individuals who have attend a Service-Learning Institute. 

Italics indicate individuals no longer at the university