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University of Northern Iowa - Community Engagement


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At the University of Northern Iowa, service-learning is a class-based experience, co-created with community partners, intended to expand and deepen discipline-specific knowledge and skills, strengthen the community, and develop a student’s sense of civic responsibility. Service-learning is the integration of service and learning to enhance each.

In service-learning classes: 

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  1. Students build critical thinking and professional communication skills

  2. Service-learning activities align with academic coursework, providing a deeper understanding of the academic discipline. 

  3. Service-learning activities align with community strengths and needs

  4. Faculty prepare students to work with the community partner.

  5. Service-learning activities prepare students for active citizenship and social responsibility.

  6. Faculty engage students in purposeful and guided reflection.

  7. Service-learning builds students’ cultural competence for engaging with diverse populations in diverse settings.

The University of Northern Iowa supports service-learning work and initiatives through the Service-Learning Institute and Course Designation

For more information about Service-Learning at UNI, contact Dr. Julianne Gassman via phone 319-273-2204 or email