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Types of Service-Learning


 Indirect Service-Learning: Not always visiblewoman holding a garden hose

 Working indirectly with individuals and organizations to address a community issue or need.


        Painting rain barrels for land and water conservation efforts

        Revitalizing buildings and structures

        Creating a community garden

        Creating promotional materials for local organizations




 Direct Service-Learning: Usually visiblestudents learning from a teacher

 Working directly with individuals and organizations to address a community issue or need.


        Tutoring other students and adults

        Serving meals to the homeless

        Volunteering for disaster services




 Advocacy Service-Learning:speaker talking to a group of peopl

 Planning, conducting, and/or creating awareness initiatives and events to address a community issue or need.


        Bringing in a guest speaker and discussion on a topic of interest in a community (Author of White Rage)

        Educating and promoting pesticide-free lawns among local schools, daycares, and churches (Green Iowa)

        Working with elected officials to draft legislation to improve communities





person looking at chart Research-Based Service-Learning:

 Collecting, analyzing, and/or implementing qualitative and quantitative data to address a community issue or need.


        Analyzing an organization’s survey results to evaluate the effectiveness of their program

        Conduct energy audits in public buildings

        Compiling history facts






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