Community Engagement

UNI Center for Urban Education

UNI-CUE collaborates with other University departments and community programs to match its resources with community needs. Above all, the pursuit of excellence and distinction in all university programs and activities is critical to fulfilling the University's public responsibilities for the development of educated and productive Iowa citizens and for providing leadership and service.

Educational opportunity for minority and non-traditional students is a high priority. The UNI-CUE continues its longstanding tradition of recruiting, motivating, and encouraging students to pursue their career goals and aspirations.

The UNI-CUE facility supports several federally-funded TRiO programs: the Educational Opportunity Center; the Educational Talent Search program;and the Classic Upward Bound program.

The UNI-CUE fully embraces the concept of continuing and part-time education. Evening degree classes for college credit are offered from 4:00 to 8:20 p.m. Monday through Thursday. Courses continue to be expanded and offered during a time convenient for most nontraditional students.

UNI-CUE Tutoring Center:

The UNI-CUE Tutoring Center was created in 2009 as a result of a large number of phone calls from concerned parents who wanted and needed help for their children in regards to school work. Students are paired up with volunteer tutors who are predominantly UNI Education major students. The tutors are able to gain practice designing and implementing individualized lesson plans, as well as satisfaction in the efforts they have seen impact the students. It's a great way for Education majors to learned how to work one on one with students, while also adapting each student's learning style. 

UNI-CUE Summer Leadership Academy:

This program began in 2009, providing a four-week, academically rigorous summer program for 24 local students who will enter middle school in the fall. To be eligible, students are nominated by their 5th grade teachers as having the skills necessary to succeed, but, for whatever reason, not performing at a level required to reach those goals.  

The Leadership Academy program is designed to assist students to transition from elementary to  middle school, and provide them with the tools necessary to achieve success through middle school, high school, and beyond. It seeks to help students: 1) prepare for the rigors of middle school; 2) become well-rounded citizens by developing self-confidence and self-knowledge; and 3) improve their organizational skills.