Community Engagement

GEOTree – GeoInformatics Training, Research, Education, and Extension Center

The GeoTREE Center continues to address the goal of supporting use of geospatial technologies in Iowa, while also actively supporting the effective use of these technologies by faculty, students, departments, and groups at UNI. The GeoTREE Center meets these stated goals by carrying out a range of activities based around the application of geospatial technologies to a range of environmental, social, economic, governmental, and other societal issues. This work can take the form of research, training, education, or extension activities. The GeoTREE Center has a successful history of high quality research in collaboration with a wide range of collaborators. During this research many undergraduate and graduate students have the opportunity to gain valuable educational and training experience. Staff at the GeoTREE Center have delivered training workshops to hundreds of FLST personnel in Iowa. The GeoTREE Center has also collaborated with state and local agencies to develop and disseminate unique geospatial data products as well as geospatial tools.