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Our Work and COVID-19

Our Work and COVID-19

While classrooms and lecture halls are closed and events and gatherings are canceled, the support and engagement of a community is ongoing and in some respects higher than ever. Although you may be working and learning remotely, there are ways to continue your work through engagement within our community.

We are providing a number of resources and guidance to faculty, staff, and students on how to manage engagement in the community during this global pandemic.

Cedar Valley Volunteer Opportunities

For information and how you can volunteer in the Cedar Valley Area go to the Volunteer Center of Cedar Valley. During this unique and difficult time, they continue to be the place for volunteerism in the Cedar Valley and share ways that you can connect to volunteer opportunities related to COVID-19.

Faculty/Staff - Service-Learning Courses

There are a number of resources being provided for faculty/staff teaching a service-learning course and/or those advising a group of students engaged with the community. A few important considerations include:

  1. First, communicate with your community partner. Your ability to develop a plan depends on not only your ability but also the operations of your community partner. Communication is vital during this time.

  2. Don’t assume that a project needs to be canceled. There are many things that can be done to advance an organization’s project/mission remotely. Here are some ideas from Iowa Campus Compact

    1. conducting background research or gathering best practices or other information requested the partner(s)

    2. taping, recording, or streaming performances or workshops to benefit community partner(s)

    3. creating digital and other social media content, print program materials, or other methods for information-sharing

    4. undertaking assessment, evaluation, or feedback via phone or web-based services;

    5. offering (or compiling, researching, or brainstorming) strategies that provide indirect support from volunteers as a result of coronavirus

    6. conducting virtual or phone-based educational supports for youth and adults

Additional updates and resources can be found at Iowa Campus Compact. This website is updated regularly.  

Additional Resources: "Social distancing is no reason to stop service-learning – just do it online"