Community Engagement

University of Northern Iowa - Community Engagement

Presentation Information

Presentation Display Options

Any and all materials that enhance your presentation are encouraged! Presentation display options include the following:

  • Posters
  • Tables
  • Open Spaces
  • Other (please describe your special request)

If your presentation will require access to outlets, please contact Kristina Kofoot at for accommodations.


Evaluation Criteria

Presenters must have a prepared narrative and be able to respond to questions.

Presentations will be evaluated on the ability to demonstrate:

  • Clear and meaningful objective of the projects
  • Validity of projects: does it meet actual community needs?
  • Actions taken (a description of project)
  • Results / impact of projects
  • Connection to coursework, career, or guiding principles and mission of UNI
  • Long-term goals


Theme Based (Social Justice & Sustainability and Environmental Awareness Award): 

  • Addresses issues of... Social Justice OR Sustainability and Environmental Awareness