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Community Engagement

Scholarships / Fellowships / Awards

Scholarship Opportunities 

Koob Fund for Student Community Engagement 

The Robert and Yvonne Koob Fund for Student Community Engagement is an endowment supporting students who are completing internships in positions of service in Iowa. Awards up to $2,000 (undergraduate students) and up to $3,000 (graduate students) will be given and approximately $10,000 total is awarded annually. To learn more click on Koob Fund above. 

Koob Fund Impact Report


Cedar Falls Lions Club Offers Scholarship to Current UNI students

The Cedar Falls Lions Club is now accepting applications for scholarships totaling up to $2,000.  Applicants must be currently-enrolled full-time UNI undergraduate students who graduated from Cedar Falls High School, Northern University High School, or Valley Lutheran High School.  

For further information, potential applicants can contact Dan Conrad at 319-553-3000.


Fellowship Opportunities 


Veridian Community Engagement Awards 

The purpose of this Fellowship is to encourage faculty to engage with community partners to better the community in a manner that also enhances their teaching and scholarship.  Community engagement is defined as the collaboration of the university with the public sector for the mutual benefit of all.  This engagement is not simply service or membership, but it is the combination of meeting a community need through teaching and/or scholarship.  The proposed engagement work must take place within Veridian's field of membership and with a nonprofit organization to receive the Fellowship. To learn more about this fellowship please click Veridian Community Engagement above for fellowship applications, please click here.

Veridian Fellowship Impact Report 




Lynton Award for the Scholarship of Engagement for Early Career Faculty

The annual Ernest A. Lynton Award for the Scholarship of Engagement for Early Career Faculty recognizes a faculty member who connects his or her teaching, research, and service to community engagement. The Lynton Award is designated as an award for early career faculty who are pre-tenure at tenure-granting campuses or early career--within the first six years--at campuses with long-term contracts. (See below for information on the Thomas Ehrlich Award for senior faculty.)

Engaged Campus Awards 

The annual Engaged Campus Awards recognize individuals and groups in Iowa higher education for their work toward the Iowa Campus Compact mission of deepening and strengthening campus civic and community engagement. 

The third annual Engaged Campus Awards will feature new categories that reflect the new 2020 Iowa Campus Compact Strategic Plan and to encourage new types of nominations. The general nomination form has also been shortened and simplified and a new Network Choice Award nomination process will also be offered to encourage a broader range of honorees. Get ready to make your nominations!