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Community Engagement Database

The Community Engagement Database is LIVE and available year-round to input any and all community engagement efforts. Please be sure to indicate the academic year your project is taking/or has taken place. July 1,2017-June 30, 2018 for the 17-18 academic year; July 1, 2018-June, 31 2019 for the 18-19 academic year; July, 1 2019-June, 31 2020 for the 19-20 academic year; July 1, 2020-June, 31 2021 for the 20-21 academic year.

Community Engagement Database System: 

A few notes and helpful hints for the new system:
  1. To access the database you will be required to log in with your CatID username and passphrase.

  2. You can access the system from anywhere, on or off-campus.

  3. Much of the information will be pre-populated once you enter your name or the name of the project manager.

  4. report will be generated at the end which you will be able to download.

  5. You can edit information at any time.

  6. Information will be automatically saved.

  7. This system is live and available at all times. You are encouraged to input projects as they occur throughout the year.

  8. You can list others in the "Additional UNI Support Personnel" section. All those listed in this section have access and editing privileges.  Access will appear when you click on the link and log in. Student organization advisors and/or student organization presidents, one of you should input your activities for this past year, or designate someone else to do so.  

  9. Unfortunately, you cannot access any reports you've inputted in the past, however, if you'd like a copy of any previous report, please email Kristina Kofoot at and she can email you a copy of your work.

  10. Please continue to input your projects throughout the year. 


Community engagement is a critical component of the core fabric of the University of Northern Iowa. We embrace and are dedicated to providing transformative learning experiences that engage students with real-world community engagement teaching and learning opportunities. It's evident that UNI faculty, staff, and students have a distinct passion and commitment to community engagement efforts. For updates on community engagement activities around the Cedar Valley and on Campus visit the Community Engagement website and follow us on Twitter @UNIEngagement